Director & Chief Instructor:
 Sensei Eugene Kitney, Jokyo

Dojo & Mailing Address:
 4301 Kelly Lane, Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Junbi Undo


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Warm-Up Exercises

1 - Ashi saki o ageru undo [一, 足先を上げる運動]

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(Heel pivot) - Hands on hips, heels together, toes apart, lift ball of right foot off floor & pivot outward on heel of foot. Two repetitions each foot.

2 - Kakato o ageru undo [二, 踵を上げる運動]

(Heel lift) - Hands on hips, heels together, toes apart, raise heel off floor (keeping leg straight & using hip to lift) as high as possible turning heel to outside. Two repetitions each foot.

3 - Ashikubi o mawasu undo [三, 膝を回す運動]

(Ankle circle) - Hands on hips, heels together, toes apart, lift right leg up (thigh parallel to floor, lower leg bent 90° at the knee). Make four circular motions to the outside with lower leg & foot, then four circular movements to the inside. Tilt the foot up & down as you perform this exercise, flexing the ankle joint. Repeat with left leg.

4 - Hiza o mawasu undo [四, 足首を回す運動]

(Knee circle) - Heels together, toes apart, bend at the waist. Place both hands on knees. Bend knees making two circular movements to right. Push knees backwards twice while bending forward at the waist. Repeat in other direction.

5 - Ashi o mae yoko ni nobasu undo [五, 足を前横に伸ばす運動]

(Leg lift and turn) - Heels together, toes apart, hands on hips, lift right leg up & extend it straight out in front, turn leg 90° to the right, return to front, bend it, & set down on floor. Foot should stay at belt height while turning. Repeat with left leg.

6 - Ashi o mae uchi naname ni ageru undo [六, 足を前打ち斜めに上げる運動]

(Straight leg kick) - From left sanchin stance, swing right leg up over right shoulder, then over left shoulder (keep leg straight when swinging). Change into right sanchin stance & repeat with left leg.

7 - Tai o mae ni taosu undo [七, 対を前に倒す運動]

(Waist scoop) - Heels together, toes apart, hands at sides in sanchin ready-double thrust position, bend at the waist (while keeping legs straight), make four scooping motions letting hands brush the floor. Stand. Bring both arms up in front (as if holding an imaginary beach ball). Twist twice to the right side, and then twice to the left side (stretch everything between feet & shoulders).

8 - Koshi no nenten [八, 腰野の捻転]

(Trunk stretch) - With feet far apart bend at the waist touching right foot. Make a 360? clockwise circle returning to, & passing by, the right foot, going to the left knee. Reach from left knee to right foot twice. Go to left foot & repeat in opposite direction.

9 - Ude o mae yoko shita ni nobasu undo [九, 腕を前横下伸ばす運動]

(Double arm strike) Heels together, arms at your sides in sanchin ready-double thrust position, thrust straight out in front, squeeze into tight fists & return to sides. Open in ready thrust position & thrust straight out to sides. Squeeze into tight fists & return hands to hips, opening hands into sanchin opening-double thrust position. Thrust straight out in front keeping hands parallel to floor & palms facing each other. Squeeze into tight fists & return to sides as in starting position.

10 - Kubi o mawasu undo [首野を回す運動]

(Neck circle) - Heels together, toes apart, hands clasped together at waist, lower chin to chest. Rotate head 360° clockwise returning chin to chest. Lift head as far back as possible, return to chest & repeat in opposite direction.

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