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 Sensei Eugene Kitney, Jokyo

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 4301 Kelly Lane, Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Programs Offered


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Developmental Programs

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    Kaizen Cubs (5 - 7 Year Olds) - A pre- martial arts skill development program that introduces children to the wonderful and exciting world of martial arts through skill oriented games. Children have fun while developing skills that they will use in every day life and school. This program will improve their ability to focus and concentrate, their strength, balance, coordination, respect for others etc.

    Kaizen Cadets (8 - 10 Year Olds) - focuses on "8 essential skills" (focus, memory, balance , coordination, strength, control, attitude. Class times are 45 minutes. The children learn their martial arts skills in context of these "8 essential skills" for a well rounded and fun program! Children feel great about themselves and have a sense of accomplishment that is hard to match in other sports activities.

    International Programs (I.K.G.A.)

    Juniors (11-15 Year Olds) - An excellent program to introduce you child to the wonderful benefits of Martial Arts. Children learn basic striking and defensive skills, boxing combinations etc. all in a fun and dynamic class environment! Children must attend twice per week and can progress up through the rank of Blue Belt (5th Kyu) before deciding to commit to the Black Belt track program. Once the student has achieved their Blue Belt (5th Kyu) and their family express serious interest in going the distance to the Black Belt level, they are eligible for the elite Black Belt training program via the "BLACK BELT CLUB".

    Seniors (16+ Year Olds) - The Kaizen Gojukan consider the different physical and mental capabilities that each student possesses. Each technique is broken down into straight forward learning steps so that the student doesn’t fail or becomes frustrated. Within the first couple of months, through regular practice you will gain greater command of your body and begin executing techniques with greater confidence. Focussing on Physical Fitness, Self-Defense Skills, Pad Work Skills, Martial Arts Skills, Concentration & Relief from Stress.

    Kokyu-ho - This program emphasizes form and functional application rather than speed and power. With the Japanese Characters directly translated as "Vitality Breathing Method", you can clearly see why this is such a popular program for a wide specturm of people groups; Those who are Senior Citizens, Persons with disabilities, Persons with limitations due to past injuries, Persons who are in need of physical exercise but are nervous to workout and Persons looking for a hobby in karate and not for competition training. * In the beginning we will incorporate with the Junior/Senior Class, untill enough support has been developed to start an individual class. Until such time provision will be made to train and learn in the active Karate environment


    Additional/Suplmentary Programs

    Assistant Instructor Development: Instructor training course that teaches the student the martial arts curriculum and teaching system to make them an official assistant instructors of the Kaizen Gojukan, and eventually the I.K.G.A.

    Non I.K.G.A. Programs
    More on these programs coming soon - Curriculum being adjusted and phased in

    Seiryū- Kenpō [青龍拳法]: More coming soon


    Goshin-jutsu [護身術] (Self-defense): (5 day or 1 Day Courses - Offered once per semester or as demand requires, as well as an incorporated syllabus of the N.G.J.K [Nihon Goshin-Jutsu Kokuksai] / S.G.J.R. [Sekai Goshin Jutsu Renmei] and above I.S.K.F. [International Seiryū Kenpō Federation] This is a program for all levels of experience. Wether you've studied the martial arts before or not...You are welcome to join us, go over what you already know, practise it again and/or learn no techniques and materials. Each class will consist of Warm-ups, Core conditioning, Review of key techniques and concepts from previous class, Instruction.

    Quick review which then brings us to warms downs, consisting of Breathing exercises and strethches for relaxation. The workshop, will focus on the three main areas for building personal safety skills: Prevention. What steps can be taken in advance to make it hard for an attacker to get close enough to attack. Avoidance and De-escalation. This area includes information to help participant learn to recognize a possible attack.

    The roles that body language, eye contact, tone of voice and assertiveness can play in averting potential trouble are covered. Practical Physical Resistance. This includes simple but powerful striking and kicking actions. Basic information on target areas and practice in learning how to analyze a situation to come up with useful and effective responses. This class is practical and useful even for people with little physical skill or ability.

    To find out more about the associated programs:

    • Nihon Goshin-Jutsu Kenkyūkai [日本護身術研究会]: (Updated Name) More Information can be found under our Affiliation Page
    • Sekai Goshin-Jutsu Renmei [世界護身術連盟]: More Information can be found under our Affiliation Page
    • International Seiryū Kenpō Federation [国際青龍拳法連盟]: More Information can be found under our Affiliation Page



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